Value Management Services, LLC

Value Management Services', LLC (VMS) primary aim is to help organizations within their US domestic and international opportunities throughout various quality and performance initiatives. VMS provides industry with exceptional client services that will result in the improvement of performance, quality, customer satisfaction, and the organization will have a better understanding, appreciation, management, and control of its internal process architecture.  VMS also provides service in assisting companies/organizations with solicitations, proposal development, and contract management.

Value Management Services, LLC is positioned to assist companies in a number of ways:
  • VMS has the expertise to "improve organizations" with their quality/performance initiatives within many different discipline areas
  • VMS provides independent program support and management expertise in the following disciplines: software engineering/IT; aerospace, retail, financial, health care, transportation, logistics, construction, and other   
  • VMS is seeking and aiding companies in providing services within the US domestic and international marketing arenas  
  • VMS can provide excellent training to help your organization improve the process infrastructure and professional knowledge of the organization   
  • VMS can help organizations gain ISO certification
  • VMS can assist organizations with proposals, through technical writing, solicitation selection, vendor coordination, partnership alignment, contract management, and provide other related supporting activities
  • VMS has recently won in combination in excess of $1M with federal and state contract opportunities
  • With VMS, you can take advantage of our twenty-plus years of technical and management experience gained through Lockheed Martin, Loral Space Systems, IBM, and other notable companies and organizations.  
  • To receive additional information for Ed Gardner, VMS President, please see Ed's profile on LinkedIn at: 

Why not contact Value Management Services, LLC at e-mail 
 or by phone at 239-322-7283
                    to discuss candidate opportunities?

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